Boggy Creek Farm

5 acre, urban, regenerative, no-till farm. Our focus on nourishing and protecting the soil inhabitants and grow and sell fresh vegetables year round. The fields are within 100 feet of the farmstand, and harvesting continues until 11am each market day. Fresh Produce! Specialties include local, humanely raised meats: longhorn, pork, lamb, bison, elk, venison, chicken and beef. Also, cheeses, milk, eggs, coffee, tortillas, bread, jams, honey, chocolate, coffee, items from Farm Dog Buddy's Boutique: T-Shirts, Hats, Aprons, Totes, and more! The 1841 farmhouse is one of the two oldest homes in Austin and once hosted Rep of TX President Sam Houston at a wedding supper where he proclaimed the eating doings as first rate throughout. Farmstand sales help to maintain the historic landmark. • farm

Boggy Creek Farm's local food network

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Cynthia and Douglas Dear raise Longhorn Beef naturally; their herd is free range, grass fed, grass finished, no growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Cynthia goes the extra mile to make sure her animals are well cared for and stress-free their entire lives which makes for a better product. Longhorn Beef is the healthiest choice for beef eaters; it is the most heart healthy and lean choice there is. Our partnership with Dear Run is a long-standing one and we are proud to offer their delicious beef. We source Dorper Lamb from Jeff and Lori Ruyle. We trust their process; the lamb is Raised Naturally, 100% Grass Fed & Finished and processed by them. It is so good! We are proud to carry Rambler Sparkling Water. It Original, Grapefruit and Lemon-Lime. They use only sustainable sources and make them better through a sincere focus on quality filtration techniques. Their commitment to conservation doesn't stop there. They also partner with programs like American Rivers and Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation at the local level across the country to help preserve natural areas in our backyard and yours. This company is easy to get behind; they do so much good in the community. We now carry flour directly from Barton Springs Mill as well as breads from Texas French Bread who uses their flour as well. Barton Springs Mill has brought authentic heritage and landrace grains and corn to Texas. Working with farmers across the state who grow organic crops using the same strains of seeds planted here in Texas in the early 1900s. Good stuff! Carrying these fabulous goat milk cheeses since they first became available. Jenna Kelley-Lands excels at turning this beautiful milk into beautiful cheese. Chèvre, Feta, Halloumi, Skyr Yogurt, and more! This path she has chosen, though romantic it may sound, is full of True Grit; it is far from easy. Jenna continues to wow us as she invites you to the farm for one of a kind experiences. Check her social media to see what else is buzzing at Bee Tree Farm! Baby Goat Happy Hour, Classes, Events, and more! We've been enjoying and carrying a large variety of Juaquin Avellan's fabulous Dos Lunas Artisan Cheeses for years. They are specially aged raw cow’s milk cheese, vegetarian from vegetable rennet and Non GMO. The milk comes from grass-fed, free-roaming cows in Schulenburg, Texas. Joaquin and his family not only are lovely, generous people of the community, they are also passionate about cheese-making which may explain all of the different varieties of this mouth-watering cheese that may be found in the Boggy Creek Farmstand. We source organic, soy-free eggs and feed for our own hens from Rob Cunningham, and before him from his dad, Jeremiah the founder of the first organic feed mill in Texas, Coyote Creek Feed Mill! Their hens are fed soy-free, non-gmo organic layer pellets milled on site. 30% of their diet comes from foraging nutrient-dense pasture grasses, plants and insects all day, making their eggs extremely nutrient-dense, higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, and lower in cholesterol than eggs produced in confined conditions. Coyote Creek promotes economic prosperity for small to medium-sized family farms. They are dedicated to sustainable, organic farming and ranching practices, coupled with the humane treatment of all farm animals and they strive for sustainability in all aspects of their business. Sam and Carolyn Moffett supply us with beef, chicken and eggs. The cattle diet consists entirely of grasses, legumes, and other plants. Seasonally, different forage crops are planted to ensure a robust and nutritious diet leading to delicious and nutrient dense Grass Fed Beef that is dry aged for 14 days to ensure the best flavor. The hens live the best life. Free-ranging over acres of land eating bugs, worms, grasses, other plants (turnips, clover, vetch, rye grass, oats). Pastures are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. They are antibiotics and hormone free. To ensure complete nutrition they are supplemented with custom milled feeds. Jill and Ward Taylor are farmers and ranchers. We source our pork from them. Their animals are treated with respect and humanely handled. They are pastured and supplemented with Non-GMO, soy-free feed. We have recently started to carry amazing honey that is truly local from Two Hives. Tara and her team have hives all over the city of Austin and harvest honey in small batches from these micro apiaries, labeling them with the name of the neighborhood where the bees come from. You can't get more local than that! We are proud to carry "Low-Temp Pasteurized" A2 milk and cheeses that resemble the good old days when the milk man used to deliver to your door.

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We source our tender, sweet, fresh Daesene Green Eggplant to Suerte. Lenoir's Todd and Jess Duplechan have been a cherished partners of Boggy Creek Farm for a whole lot of years. They source seasonal vegetables from us, but can also be seen at community non-profit events at the farm serving up their delicious creations. With generous hearts they have donated dining experiences on Boggy Creek Farm for silent auctions, preparing exquisite meals for the grateful guests in the historic farmhouse. In the restaurant, from the moment you are seated with you will be pampered. The gorgeous mix-matched China dishes are met by creative genius and the most divine combination of flavors that is all thoughtfully, locally sourced. These two are big supporters of Austin's sustainable food scene. Celebrating 40 years in business, this Austin staple was one of a handful of first restaurants to regularly shop the farmstand for seasonal, fresh produce. If they source from Boggy, you know everything else will be just as good! TFB has always been present in support of the community at non-profit events at Boggy Creek Farm. They've spoiled the palates of many guests with their tantalizing bites. We source a variety of breads from TFB for our farmstand shoppers W/Th/F/Sat 8-1. Delivery days are W/Sat mornings. This reciprocal relationship continues strongly as we passionately partner in maintaining sustainability in our local food system. Chef Eric Polzer was one of the first Chefs to source fresh, seasonal produce directly from the BCF Farmstand. He has worked in the fields with us and is passionate and thoughtful in sourcing what goes into the menu at Wink Restaurant. The restaurant is a great place to unwind or catch up while enjoying an excellent selection of wines and a divine gastronomic experience. Wink is also one of the restaurants that nourishes and cares the community. If there is a non-profit event at BCF, you can guarantee Wink will be there feeding the crowd tantalizing tastes! Chef Kevin Cannon picks up seasonal, fresh vegetables from our farmstand for the restaurant two to three times weekly. He has an exquisite menu and is so thoughtful in how he sources it. His creativity with each dish will not only stimulate your senses but also your mind; you'll be tempted to try everything on the menu and you won't be disappointed! Barley Swine can be seen on-site during non-profit events at BCF treating guests to beautiful farm fresh bites. We're proud to partner with Barley Swine in sustaining the local food community. Chefs from Hestia can be seen in the boggy creek farmstand sourcing the freshest of veggies for their mouthwatering menus. Chef Fiore Tedesco can be seen foraging in our farmstand for our hyper-fresh, local seasonal produce. Chef Jesse DeLeon can be seen multiple times weekly sourcing a variety of seasonal, fresh produce from our on-site farmstand. His thoughtful sourcing doesn't stop with our farm, he sources the best throughout. Try the lovely patio or enjoy a real treat at the Chef's Counter as they create mouth-watering masterpieces before your eyes! Chef Jesse has done a beautiful job in catering small events at Boggy Creek Farm. He took what was in season on the farm and created his menu around it to perfection. We source seasonal, fresh produce to to this new Austin gem for an amazing dining experience!