A thriving food community starts with connection, and we're making it simple for you to offer sustaining support to the food businesses you admire. Each of our participating venues develops a custom menu of perks, from advanced access and sneak peeks to specialized content and community-building opportunities. Become a member to experience even more of what you already love.

Salt & Time
Boggy Creek Farm
Animal Farm


Nearby was founded on the sole idea that the places that make up our unique local food communities are cultural touchstones meant to be cherished. The people behind these places — the farmers, ranchers, producers, retailers, makers and cooks — contribute their individual expertise and knowledge as they spend their time fortifying relationships and building a food community that functions for the collective. With Nearby, we have created a way for you to directly support and deepen your connection to that community.

Our membership program enables you to directly support the people and the places that feed our city.

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If you'd like to deepen your relationship with an enthusiastic cross-section of your most loyal fans, our membership program is for you. We'll help you build your profile, map your connections within our local food web and define your custom membership program. Note: Must be able to verify at least 3 vendor/supplier relationships within your local food ecosystem.

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